System Notification!

The planned maintenance is over and all services should be available now.

  • New site functions are now available
  • Users will be required to have an approved site in "active" state when applying for quota (new & regularization)

Please refer to the site module announcement and the site user guide for more information.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the service interruption. Please contact us if you face any difficulties or issues.

contact number: 1500

Upcoming Feature Update Alert!

Work permit cancellation function is being updated with drastic changes. With these changes cancellation requests will be processed automatically, in real-time (details will be provided in the guide).

What are the main benefits of the cancellation update?

  • Real-time automated processing of most work permit cancellation applications
  • Clear requirements & error messages for work permit cancellation prior to request submission
  • Cancellation of missing reported work permit holders that has departed from the country
  • Cancellation of work permits in “pending cancellation regularization” & “pending cancellation voluntary return” state
  • Cancellation of work permits that does not meet the requirements for work permit fee payment

🎉 Upcoming Feature Update Alert! Site Module.

  • New site specific functions/requests
  • Site related services fully online
  • Separation of site creation from the quota process
  • Clear requirements for the site & quota applications
  • New data standards
  • Ease of site & site related document management
  • Obtaining real-time financial data required for quota process from MIRA
  • Introduction of "Help" tab, which provide information and helps users find required work types
  • Introduction of site states