System Notification!

Dear Valued System Users,

We would like to bring your attention to important updates regarding the Xpat system.

  1. The registration process for Xpat system accounts has been updated. All new users must now complete the registration via Efaas.
  2. With the update users who access the Xpat system using their Efaas credentials will no longer be able to log in using their old credentials (phone number and password).
  3. In order to maintain data accuracy and consistency, phone numbers and email addresses stored in the Xpat system will be automatically updated to match the information stored in Efaas.
  4. While users can still access the immigration portal (https://workpermit.egov.mv/Workpermit) using their old credentials (phone number and password), it is important to note that if your Efaas mobile number differs from the previously registered phone number, you must use the Efaas mobile number for login.
  5. For non-Efaas based Xpat account users who require modifications, it is now mandatory to link your account to Efaas. Subsequent changes should be requested exclusively through Efaas.
  6. Option for password resets will continue to be available for accessing the immigration portal.

If you have any inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at 1500 or email [email protected]

We greatly appreciate your cooperation during this transition period.