System Announcement: Enhanced Efficiency with Automated Deposit Claims

We're pleased to introduce the newly automated deposit claim to wallet feature, now available within the Xpat system. This significant enhancement is designed to streamline the deposit refund process, directly benefiting our employers and system users by providing:

  1. Real-time Processing: The transition from a manual verification process to an automated system eliminates the typical 1-3 day waiting period, allowing for immediate deposit refunds to Xpat digital wallet.
  2. Immediate Availability of Funds: Once processed, the refunded deposits are instantly available in your Xpat Digital Wallet, which can be utilized to pay for new work permits or withdrawn.

We are committed to continuously improving our service delivery to make your interactions with our system as efficient and user-friendly as possible. For any further assistance, please contact our support team at [email protected].

System Update: Enhanced Reporting Capabilities in Xpat System

We are pleased to announce significant enhancements to the reporting functionalities within the Xpat portal. These improvements are designed to optimize data management and reporting efficiency:

  1. Advanced Reporting Features: The system now supports advanced work permit report generation, enabling users to produce comprehensive and customized reports tailored to specific requirements.
  2. Customizable Report Options: Enhanced filtering and condition applications are now available, allowing for precise data extraction tailored to operational needs of users.
  3. Preserved Flexibility: Access to all standard reporting tools remains intact, with the added convenience of preset options to quickly generate previously used reports, ensuring continuity while offering advanced customization options.
  4. Support: For assistance or inquiries regarding the new features, please contact our support team at [email protected].

System Update: Payment Integration with Bandeyri Pay Gateway

We are pleased to announce enhancements to the deposit payment process within the Xpat portal:

  1. New Payment Gateway: We have transitioned to the Bandeyri Pay Gateway for work permit deposit payments. This update provides access to multiple payment methods and service providers, when paying work permit deposit.
  2. Maintained Flexibility: You can still make partial payments using the Xpat digital wallet, with the remainder paid through alternative payment methods.
  3. Support Contact: For any payment-related inquiries, please continue to contact us at [email protected].

Summary of Maldives Work Permit Medical Requirements Update (Effective 4th January 2024):

  • New Arrivals: Submit medical report within 15 days of arrival.
  • Extension for Pre-4th January 2024 Arrivals: Individuals who arrived in the Maldives before 4th January 2024 can extend their work permits until 4th July 2024 without needing a new medical report. This allows a grace period for those who were already in the country before the new regulations took effect.
  • Extension for Post-4th January 2024 Arrivals: For individuals arriving on or after 4th January 2024, the extension of work permit validity and fee payment is contingent upon having a valid work permit medical report. This means new arrivals must ensure their medical reports are up-to-date to extend their work permits and make the required fee payments.
  • Abroad with Expired Permit: Temporary 15-day approval with foreign medical report; must update in Maldives within 15 days of return.
  • Update Medicals: Update required before 4th July 2024 for permits expiring after this date.
  • Departure Penalties: Cancelling a permit with an expired medical report after 4th July 2024 incurs a MVR 2,000 fine per year of invalid report.
  • Discontinuation of 30-Day Approval: The 30-day temporary approval for work permit holders is discontinued.
  • Work Permit Medical Validity Period Adjustment: The period for work permit medical validity, necessitating renewal, is now set to 1 year.
  • Non-Compliance: Actions as per "Regulation on Expatriate Employment [R-111/2023]".

System Notification!

Dear Valued System Users,

We would like to bring your attention to important updates regarding the Xpat system.

  1. The registration process for Xpat system accounts has been updated. All new users must now complete the registration via Efaas.
  2. With the update users who access the Xpat system using their Efaas credentials will no longer be able to log in using their old credentials (phone number and password).
  3. In order to maintain data accuracy and consistency, phone numbers and email addresses stored in the Xpat system will be automatically updated to match the information stored in Efaas.
  4. While users can still access the immigration portal (https://workpermit.egov.mv/Workpermit) using their old credentials (phone number and password), it is important to note that if your Efaas mobile number differs from the previously registered phone number, you must use the Efaas mobile number for login.
  5. For non-Efaas based Xpat account users who require modifications, it is now mandatory to link your account to Efaas. Subsequent changes should be requested exclusively through Efaas.
  6. Option for password resets will continue to be available for accessing the immigration portal.

If you have any inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at 1500 or email [email protected]

We greatly appreciate your cooperation during this transition period.